Writing a dissertation in 5 weeks

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Applying to uni? Started uni this year? Go to first unread. Skip to page:. This discussion is closed. Report Thread starter 5 years ago 1. Basically, I've had an absolutely rubbish start to I found out my Mum was having an affair, then my parents announced that they were separating and to top it all off, we found out my Nan had cancer. I've had a pretty hard time concentrating, particularly because I live at home so I can't escape it all and, somehow, I have managed to get to April with not a single word of my dissertation on paper.

The hand in day is in 4 weeks. As well as looking at techniques of neutralisation by the media. I need to do a 2, word literature review, a methodology, 2x 2, word chapters and a 2, word discussion. I have done a bit of background reading and have selected all 30 of my articles, but because I'm coding all of the articles, I feel like the whole thing is impossible to do in such a short space of time There isn't much my uni can do now either.

I've missed the final deadline for tutors to look at any of our drafts and my friend, who was recently diagnosed with depression, didn't get any help or extensions for her work. So I think that's out of the question.

Student life, in partnership with UEA Uni advice and experiences: visit our student life hub. Original Name Badges: 5. Report 5 years ago 2. By the end of the first week finish the word literature review and the methodology, by the end of the second week finish the 2 chapters, and in the third week finish your word discussion. In the final week edit and re-edit constantly. You'll be fine. Focus on one task at a time when you start, don't think about how much work you have left to do, just get excited.

Be strict with yourself, early mornings, strict meal times, early bed, 1 day of rest a week. If you work hard then 4 weeks is more than enough time to complete your dissertation. Report Thread starter 5 years ago 3.

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Original post by NishNashNosh94 There isn't much my uni can do now either. She was diagnosed with a serious mental health condition and they made no allowances? I hope I don't offend you by saying this, but that is seriously effed up I don't think you'll be losing anything by asking. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I suppose.

Writing a dissertation

At least they'll be aware of your situation. Life is inconvenient and unpredictable and your tutors should be well aware of this. Regardless of whether they concede or not, I'd give it your best shot.

How to Write a 10,000 Words University Dissertation in a Week?

You're 4 weeks away, on the home stretch now! You can get a decent attempt if you put the work in, I'm sure although I'm no expert! Don't put too much pressure on yourself though, sounds like it's been a tough year. Good luck xxx. MissDavies Badges: Report 5 years ago 4. I think you should at least try talking to your university though, you never know what they'll say and even if they give you an extra week it'll be something. WildeAboutOscar Badges: Report 5 years ago 5. I think if you make a suitable schedule and stick with it then you may manage.

Put in the hours and cut down on stuff like part time job for next four weeks. Stock up on coffee.

Advice for graduate students having difficulty finishing their dissertations (essay)

Good luck. Badges: Report 5 years ago 6. I've done words in 1 day before and still got good marks. Allocating 1 week for you to do the reading, that's still only words per day you'll have to do.