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The first part is General background information about the essay topic. There are many different ways of writing the general background information about the topic. For example, you could write about a brief history of the topic or an explanation why this topic is conversocial or important. There are actually 5 different techniques for writing an introductory paragraph:.

The video below shows you different high-scoring introductory paragraphs using these 5 techniques. Pay attention to the underlined phrases where the techniques are used. You can use those underlined phrases in your essay. A thesis statement is your main opinion on the essay topic, and it also includes a preview of your key points in which you will develop in your body paragraphs.

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Each body paragraph gives the reader a detailed explanation about one main idea. This idea helps to show or convince the reader that your idea is true or correct. In addition, each paragraph must flow from one to the next. This is called coherence and is done using transitions.


Transitioning between paragraphs can be done at the start of the new paragraph. Using more complex transitions will help you get a perfect writing score, but it is not necessary to do well. For example, your body paragraphs can use simple transitions like Body paragraph 1 - first of all, firstly, or to begin with Body paragraph 2 - In addition to.. After the transition comes the topic sentence.

Finally, you need to write the supporting sentences. The supporting sentences are used to explain in detail the main idea. The supporting sentences need to fully explain the topic sentence using anything to help the reader understand. You can use things like reasons, examples, and even personal experiences. Since there should be more than one supporting sentence in each body paragraph, remember to use transitions to connect your ideas between supporting sentences.

A conclusion does not have to be long.

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It can be just three or more sentences that gives the reader the sense that you are finished explaining your ideas. Without a conclusion, readers will feel like you just decided to stop writing, or that you ran out of time. A good conclusion should include the followings:. To begin with, advertising creates unrealistic expectations about products with exaggerated and misleading claims.

For instance, advertisements for prescription drugs create unrealistic expectations about the effectiveness of the drugs and its side-effects. In these kinds of advertisements, the visual images only show healthy, happy people.

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It never truly shows the actual downside effects of the drugs. Similarly, beauty and health products may not live up to their promises, resulting in wasted consumer dollars. Disclaimers are often hidden in very small print on product packaging and in out-of-the way spots in ads. Secondly, multinational corporations create meticulously crafted ads to entice consumers to purchase their products.

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Moreover, vigorous advertising campaigns are promoted across a plethora of channels such as TV, billboards, online and so on to grab consumer attention to purchase goods that may be of no need to them. Consequently, people become more materialistic as advertising compounds their desire to own more items. Lastly, people cannot just choose to ignore advertising because advertisers use many underhand methods to get their message across. Posters have attention grabbing words, or provocative pictures. Furthermore, some advertisements today are even being hidden in what seem like pieces or art or public information.

As a consequence, people don't realize they are being marketed to. In addition, ads created by big corporations are often exaggerated, making us buy goods that are not of necessity. Finally, because of many underhand methods advertisers use in ads, we are taken away our freedoms to make choices. As we said ealier, when you start the TOEFL Integrated writing task, you will be given 3 minutes to read an academic passage.

After reading the passage, you will then listen to a lecture on the same topic. However, the reading passage may or may not have a different point of view from the lecture. There are a total of two different scenarios that you can encounter.

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  • Hit the ground running as you study by using a writing template, allowing you to get your thoughts organized. Try it free. Here is an example: Directions : Give yourself 3 minutes to read the passage.

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    The Chevalier was a somewhat controversial figure, but since he met many famous people, including kings and writers, his memoir has become a valuable historical source about European society in the eighteenth century. However, some critics have raised doubts about the accuracy of the memoir. They claim that the Chevalier distorted or invented many events in the memoir to make his life seem more exciting and glamorous than it really was.

    For example, in his memoir the Chevalier claims that while living in Switzerland, he was very wealthy, and it is known that he spent a great deal of money there on parties and gambling. However, evidence has recently surfaced that the Chevalier borrowed considerable sums of money from a Swiss merchant. Critics thus argue that if the Chevalier had really been very rich, he would not have needed to borrow money.

    Critics are also skeptical about the accuracy of the conversations that the Chevalier records in the memoir between himself and the famous writer Voltaire. No one doubts that the Chevalier and Voltaire met and conversed. However, critics complain that the memoir cannot possibly capture these conversations accurately, because it was written many years after the conversations occurred.

    Critics point out that it is impossible to remember exact phrases from extended conversations held many years earlier. He claims to have escaped the Venetian prison by using a piece of metal to make a hole in the ceiling and climbing through the roof. They point out that the Chevalier had a number of politically well-connected friends in Venice who could have offered a bribe. However if we look at it as giving up pleasure for a short time was the price to pay to get more pleasure over a long period, it seems logical.

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    Usually better educated people earn more money than those without qualifications. If we make an effort to eat food that are healthy rather than tasty we are looking at the greater good, that is lifelong good health. Making an effort to socialise if this does not come naturally is important. Learning social graces and how to fit in is so important if you do not want to be lonely later on in life.

    So being tolerant, which is not always easy is important if you wish to flourish in society. Many people subscribe to to the saying that life is who you know, but in order to find some people you connect with it is necessary to meet people that you find difficult. In conclusion, so if you want to be satisfied in life you have to make an effort or do things that are not always the most pleasurable of the options that are open to you. It is all about reaping a greater reward later in exchange for doing something less pleasurable in the short term.

    This page gives essay writing advice and tips on essay writing structure.. Discover writing topics, sample questions, and more as they'd appear on the writing portion of the TOEFL exam. In the following example of essay structure,. So essays are a short piece of writing representing one's side of the argument or one's experiences, So let us take a look at the general structure of an essay.. Toefl Essay Topics. Question Structure; This basically means the reader can read your essay Download PDF. For this task,. Understanding the structure of the essay helps you find information Writing an academic essay means fashioning a coherent set of ideas into an argument.

    Because essays are essentially linear—they offer one idea at a time—they must. Issuu company logo. A body, and a conclusion as you may already know that a Toefl.