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Social Responsibility Defined Cohen, wrote in his article that Drucker defined social responsibility. Corporate Responsibility has come up as a huge topic in the. In addition, the theories that are based around these topics will be added into a scholarly debate.

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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility During this short summer class, I have understood more than I ever could have done before. Not only because the study of ethics is crucial, but also because being socially responsible is part of being ethical. Among the most important assignments required from this course are: Journals, discussion boards, social project, and the lectures.

Ethics, Sustainability, and CSR in Business Leadership Essay

However, the first group collaboration was our own code of ethics; from there, students were required to follow it as. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Sexual orientation discrimination includes being treated differently or harassed because of your real or apparent sexual orientation -- whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, or heterosexual.

This type of discrimination may be illegal in your workplace, depending on where you work.

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This is not a personal problem that should be handled among themselves. As an Equal Employment Opportunity company, the company should ensure that guidelines are given and. Ethics in the workplace help the organization to grow and prosper. They bring about leadership, work culture and literacy.

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Business ethics refers to ethical or unethical behavior. It is relatively easy to identify unethical business practices. For example, companies should not use child labor. They should not unlawfully use copyrighted materials and processes. They should not engage. Business ethics are moral and social responsibility that a business is supposed to have towards the community in general. The scientists and engineers cannot predict how their newly generated knowledge and technological innovations may be abused or misused for destructive purposes in the near or distant future.

While the excuse of ignorance is somewhat acceptable for those scientists involved in very basic and fundamental research where potential applications cannot be even envisioned, the excuse of ignorance is much weaker for scientists and engineers involved in applied scientific research and technological innovation since the work objectives are well known.

Social Responsibility and Ethics

For example, most corporations conduct research on specific products or services that promise to yield the greatest possible profit for share-holders. Similarly, most of the research funded by governments is mission-oriented, such as protecting the environment, developing new drugs, or designing more lethal weapons. In all cases where the application of scientific knowledge and technological innovation is well known a priori , it is impossible for a scientist or engineer to escape responsibility for research and technological innovation that is morally dubious.

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Another point of view is that responsibility falls on those who provide the funding for the research and technological developments, which in most cases are corporations and government agencies. Furthermore, because taxpayers provide indirectly the funds for government-sponsored research, they and the politicians that represent them, i.

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