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The enduring influence of the Crusades

Some basic expectations of papers submitted for History classes. The discipline of History, in other words, aims to understand how past events have meaning for us intellectually and philosophically, as well as historically. Thinking about why your subject matters and its historical significance will go a long way toward enabling you to write a paper that is analytical rather than simply descriptive. No thesis is fully complete without this final item, and most "A" paper writing certainly for me has all three elements present in the thesis. This last part of thesis-writing takes time, practice, and a lot of reading and writing to master.

It does not come easily to most, and students should seek in their writing to build gradually toward achieving this goal. Instructor shorthand: a key. A vertical strikethrough mark an or an L indicates a word, letter s , or punctuation mark that should be omitted. A checkmark indicates a job well done. Chicago Manual of Style prefers " among," "while," "amid", and so on, as the first Webster's International usage.

Read the sentence aloud to yourself and see if it is as clear as it can be. A particularly common and ungainly construction is "That being said. That includes contractions like "don't," "wasn't," "weren't," "can't," and "won't.

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When inserting ellipses to indicate an omitted section of a passage or sentence, three dots. When inserting ellipses to indicate that the end of a sentence has been omitted, providing that the remaining sentence fragment has a subject-verb structure, four ellipses should be used.

The Crusades Crescent and the Cross. pt 1 of 2 [Full Documentary]

Examples 1 and 2 applied to the sentence: "The professor was unhappy with the quality of the student writing. Articles, poems, and chapters from books, should be contained in quotation marks " ". There is even a mutant hybrid that makes no sense, its'. If you can supply the helping verb "is" in your sentence, and still have it make sense, then use "it's.

Numbering following Chicago Manual of Style - For numbers less than , always spell out. For numbers more than , always write out numerically, except when beginning sentences , when they should be spelled out. Numbering, of centuries - Spell out the numbers of centuries, as, for example, "eighth century," not "8th century.

Put those verbs in active tense: "Historians argue," or "Scholars say. Always number your pages. Incomplete sentences do have a place in some styles of prose writing, and are found frequently in journalistic writing, but should be used sparingly, if at all, in formal essay writing. These can almost always be omitted. It is a common practice to charge more for such immediate papers, and our company is not an exception.

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How Muslim extremists and American conservatives came to find comfort in Crusade metaphors

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  • If you feel that your paper could use more work, send it for a free revision. On-time Delivery. Deadlines are sacred for our writers, with them you will never miss the submission date. Give us a try even if your paper is due tomorrow! Copypasting is out of the question, our writers perform professional research and deliver original content. Your academic reputation is safe with us! Rwanda showed that peoples few had heard of could kill unimaginable numbers of tribal enemies without resort to modern weaponry; Cambodia demonstrated that peoples could kill their own kind with equal ferocity.

    The international community found itself in an awkward position, trying to think of ways to stop genocide, terrorism, intolerance, even the slave trade, without sending in military forces. Moreover, the international community was being asked to protect the environment, secure greater access to good water, prevent overfishing and protect the rain forest, dispose of existing nuclear bombs and biological agents, and to save the world economy from dictators like Iraq's Saddam Hussein, who portrayed himself as the champion of Islam against the West.

    Surely, I thought, these challenges will affect what we choose to teach about the past, especially about the Crusades. I began to ask my students why we refer to some of our national movements as crusades. Their responses were interesting. No answer at first, of course, since there seemed to be little connection between Innocent III and Carry Nation, but once the hurdle of the irrelevant example was overcome, they showed that they understood why the term is so attractive. There are, in fact, four characteristics of movements we call crusades: 1 a moral cause, often based on Christian principles; 2 a long-term commitment to the cause by a dedicated minority; 3 victory achieved only by suffering and struggle against determined, entrenched enemies who have powerful belief systems of their own; and 4 results that are not always what the crusaders expected—the law of unexpected consequences coming into play.

    My own classroom experience further suggests that today's students are not terribly excited about discussions of imperialism and power politics. Those topics may yet be powerful at institutions where a strong Marxist presence is traditional; but by and large, students from Middle America do not conjure up visions of fat capitalists wearing striped pants and smoking cigars. They see offsetting efforts by labor unions, nongovernmental organizations, mafias, and terrorist organizations. In short, as far as their very practical minds are concerned, the reality of today's world has worn down the imperialist and power politics interpretation on one side; ethnic and gender politics have eroded them down elsewhere.

    I have learned that students are interested in practical historiography: how current political, religious, and social concerns affect the way they have been taught to see the past. Most do not want to be told that their high school teacher was wrong God forbid that they should be confused and many have a keen eye for bias though they are not always sufficiently knowledgeable or sophisticated to understand its full implications , but they all appreciate being enabled to see better what messages are being sent.

    History is a bit like advertising, it seems: if students like the sales pitch, they may buy it, but they like to see inside the package first.

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    Alumni tell me that they have found it useful to know that historical interpretations have changed and will always be subject to change, and to understand that whatever we teach as "the latest thing" now will be a decade out of touch in 10 years. They appreciate having been given as much original material as possible, because those do not change as rapidly or thoroughly.

    If, as most historians believe, historical interpretations often reflect current concerns, what does this suggest that future interpretations of the Crusades will be? When medieval popes, monarchs, and common laity realized that the Holy Land could not be defended without warriors and the West was too far away to send timely help in the form of volunteer armies, those individuals created crusading orders.

    In the past few years we have sent international peacekeeping forces to Kuwait, Bosnia, and Liberia; we are organizing rapid-response units that when deployed consist of real warriors, not merely observers and potential hostages. We are coming to understand that, individually, nation states are unable to provide protection for commerce, tourism, religious pilgrims, or even national borders; only international efforts can be effective against religious fanaticism, organized criminality, and political radicalism.

    Nevertheless, as in the Middle Ages, when Christian alliances with Moslems against coalitions of Moslems and Christians existed, today we are occasionally frustrated and often confused by the intricacies of local politics, and our best efforts are handicapped by the lack of resources and resolve.

    This suggests that the time is ripe for a reassessment of the Crusades in light of our present concerns. There are four plausible directions this reassessment will take.