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Use higher order thinking skills to assess students' knowledge of the novel, The Great Gatsby, at the completion of the reading by using an interactive Socratic Seminar format. This document contains everything you need--guidelines for the students on how to behave during a Socratic Seminar and a. Research , Projects , Handouts.

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Now with newly added material!! Socratic Seminars or "Fish Bowl" Conversations as I like to call them with my students are fantastic, higher order ways of assessing whether your students are able to understand and react to your class text. These seminars rely on the power of inquiry and allow st. English Language Arts , Reading , Literature.

This is a final assessment for the novel "The Great Gatsby". The whole project is based around three of the themes within the novel.

Reading , Literature , Writing-Essays. Projects , Assessment , Novel Study. Activities , Novel Study , Cooperative Learning. The Great Gatsby - Socratic Seminar.

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Using general Socratic Seminar directions, these questions will guide and engage students in a student led discussion of The Great Gatsby. Use this Socratic Seminar Packet to guide students through meaningful, text-based discussion of the classic American novel, The Great Gatsby. This packet contains: 1 36 text-based discussion questions, divided into 6 thematic discussion topics 2 Room for three student-generated write-in discuss.

Worksheets , Activities , Literature Circles. Great Gatsby Socratic Seminar This is a great way to get your students thinking about the themes in literature either before or after they read the novel; I find it works equally well for both.

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The packet includes four groups philosophical, theme-based questions meant to spark discussion between. Activities , Assessment , Rubrics. This is a creative and rigorous unit plan for The Great Gatsby. Students use the concept of color symbolism to do a literary analysis of The Great Gatsby by working in an adult coloring book. Activities , Novel Study , Google Apps. AP English: F. Here is my complete unit on Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby: Reading Response Quizzes for Chapters and ; Socratic Seminar Questions for a two-day seminar that assesses analysis of both Chapters and the novel as a whole; two writing assignments, 1 a timed, AP Exam simulated assignment and.

English , Literature , Writing. And thanks for checking out this write-up, old sport. This digital download will offer you everything. Reading , Literature , Close Reading. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Unit. This is a complete, loosely-structured novel unit. There is no strict schedule or pacing guide here-though the quizzes, study guides, the concluding essay, and the Socratic seminar would logically dictate the order of lesson delivery.

You may find that you skip some activities, alter some activities. English Language Arts , English , Literature.

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Role-Playing Activity and Socratic Seminar! Each party is being. English Language Arts , Close Reading. Included are 16 discussion questions for chapters of The Great Gatsby. They require students to cite text or interpret quotations from the novel. All page numbers are included. No answer key is provided as most all are open-ended questions.

Study Guides , Handouts , Novel Study.

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    It contains 3 opening questions, 5 core questions and 3 closing questions. These questions work well for class discussion or if you don't want to do a. Assessment , Novel Study. This lesson is a Socratic seminar discussion that includes a key passage from the novel, a U2 song, and compelling discussion questions. It also stresses annotation, note-taking, listening, and speaking. Worksheets , Activities. Reading , Classroom Community.

    Activities , Novel Study , Literature Circles. If you're teaching The Great Gatsby, you might need some support or new ideas for assessing students. This product includes reading quizzes, socratic seminar discussions, and a final synthesis writing assessment. Temporarily out of stock.

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    Order now and we'll deliver when available. In stock on November 06, Order it now. Perfection Learning Cart:. Search: Search. Elementary Literacy. Secondary Language Arts. Social Studies. World Languages. Search results for 'The Great Gatsby'. Show 10 25 50 75 The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald Paperback Jay Gatsby challenges the powerful Eastern rich while in pursuit of his romantic dream.