Actr national post-secondary russian essay contest

National Russian Essay Contest Winners 2018

Russian aCTR national, post, secondary, russian, essay, contest, annual essay -writing contest, description: Contact Larry McLellan for more information. Class field-item even a russian typeof skos:Concept property rdfs:label skos:prefLabel russian. We congratulate our ciee Alumni who were medalists in the 14th Annual. Actr, national, post, secondary, russian, essay, contest :.

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Russian actr national post - secondary Russian essay contest. Congratulations to the following students: Congratulations to our winners of Certificates of Distinction and Excellence, Fall Abby water Davis, honorable mention, level 1 Weronika Kaczmarczyk, silver medal, level 1 Content in the body of an email will not be uploaded to Box.

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The cumulative size of the message body and attachments including signature cannot exceed 50MB. Both the folder owner and sender will receive a notification that files were uploaded successfully.

Failure to use the correct file naming convention or incorrectly filing an essay will result in automatic disqualification of the misfiled essay. Evaluation of the Essays. All essays will be evaluated anonymously; no essay will be identifiable by the name or institution of the student who wrote it. Three j udges in Moscow will evaluate essays according to content the ability to express ideas in Russian and communicate information about the topic and length, lexicon, syntax, structure grammatical and orthographic accuracy , and originality or creativity.

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Gold, silver, bronze, and honorable mention certificates will be awarded for the best essays at each Category and Level. Student Categories and Levels. See below for the criteria.

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For study abroad or other immersion programs: Calculate the number of contact hours of formal language instruction, multiply that number by 2, and use the result as the total number of contact hours. Students other than Russian Heritage Speakers.

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Students may not copy entire sentences or paragraphs from their textbooks. Submitting the Essays and Student Declarations Forms. The attached files will automatically be uploaded to Box. These students have had fewer than contact hours of Russian instruction in college. Students who do not and did not ever speak Russian or any other Slavic language at home.

Class notes are not allowed.

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For study abroad or other immersion programs: Students with no exposure to any Slavic languages at home; Category B: Instructors at an institution with at least one current ACTR member, with paid dues, are qualified to register students. Level One A1, B1: The essays must be written legibly on the paper provided in black or blue-black ink. For study abroad or other immersion programs: The attached files will automatically be uploaded to Cpntest. Email the files as attachments to: Teachers are required to make the necessary number of copies for their registered students.

Teachers are expected to make photocopies of all essays.